If you’re interested in continuing your successful law practice, while delivering more value to your clients, making more money, being part of a real partnership and bringing more balance to your life, you should consider joining EM3 Law.  At EM3 Law, our organizing principle is that we all have families and we all have clients, and devoting time to one doesn’t have to mean neglecting the other.

Our partners built successful practices at some of the nation’s largest law firms, but understand that running a profitable and successful practice doesn’t have to mean spending all day in a glass tower in the middle of a city.  At EM3 Law, we believe that not bearing the overhead of fancy brick and mortar offices frees up our attorneys to offer better, more cost-effective services to their clients, while also bringing more balance to their lives. After all, while it may be clichéd, it is true that few, if any, successful people look back on their lives and say: “I wish I’d spent more time in the office than with my friends and family.”

But placing greater value on a work/life balance, does not mean we sacrifice the caliber of our attorneys, the attention given to our clients, the sophistication of our work, or the quality of our practices.  We have assembled a partnership of highly-qualified attorneys from some of the largest law firms in the U.S. Unlike other firms with a similar model, all of our attorneys are full partners (not just income partners), and most have been partners, with P&L responsibilities, at large law firms, and all must meet our standards of excellence to join our team. Our attorneys have built successful careers while working at some of the world’s largest law firms, including Kirkland & Ellis, Paul Hastings, Jones Day, Mayer Brown, Duane Morris, Baker & McKenzie, and Morris Manning & Martin, just to name a few, and continue to provide the same level of service to the same level of clients at EM3 Law.

Another characteristic of EM3 Law that sets us apart from other firms with a similar model is that we are not a franchise. While a portion of the revenue each attorney generates goes to fund the firm’s operations, the model is not designed to create excess profits that go to only a small group of true “equity” partners.  Instead, just like a traditional law firm, at EM3 Law we don’t nickel and dime our partners, and the firm covers most of the ordinary and reasonable expenses of our attorneys’ practices.

The model for remuneration is simple to explain, transparent, and offers every partner maximum flexibility to set rates and run their practices in the manner they believe is most conducive to maximizing its value.

If you are an experienced lawyer with a portable practice of at least $300,000, who wants to work with other entrepreneurially minded attorneys, who also have built their own profitable practices, then you should take a look at EM3 Law.  In order to take the next step, contact Jim Maxson, our Hiring Partner, at jmaxson@em3law.com, or (404) 343-0187.