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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Overview

EM³’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice advises in a wide variety of areas related to cybersecurity and data privacy. Our team includes attorneys from multiple practice areas who address privacy and cybersecurity concerns across the spectrum of industries and business operations. EM³’s attorneys assist with our clients’ privacy and cybersecurity needs in technology, litigation, health care, finance, corporate, and employment matters. We help clients understand and comply with existing and emerging laws addressing the security of personal information, protected health information, and confidential information. Our team counsels clients on their risks and obligations under laws relevant to their data, and we offer strategic guidance on the many issues associated with the data privacy and cybersecurity for our clients, including complying with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements associated with banking and financial services, healthcare, defense, and other highly regulated industries.

EM³ attorneys advise clients in the healthcare industry regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), and state-specific privacy laws. We work with HIPAA covered entities and business associates, including business partners who may create, use or disclose protected information in the course of doing business. We draft HIPAA privacy policies and notices of privacy policy. Our health care attorneys also counsel clients regarding privacy and security requirements related to the use and disclosure of protected health information and other health care-related operations.

EM³ attorneys are at the forefront of this industry, driving thought leadership through frequent presentations at industry conferences, providing media outlets with insightful information, as well as supplying clients with the latest information through periodic updates.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorneys

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